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Specialty Schools

 Driving Schools, Cooking Schools, Beauty Schools, Computer Schools... whatever type of school you are looking for, use our guide to find it.

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Computer Schools

Av. Reforma No. 338, Col. Centro
222 242 6637
222 232 8046
Computer school that offers diplomas in Computer Systems and Digital Graphic Design

Cosmetology and Beauty Schools

Center of Studies Jave
Priv. 11 "A" Sur No. 4918, Col. Prados Agua Azul,
C.P. 72430, Puebla, Pue.
Tel: (2) 237 88 02, 240 06 15
First School with Degree in Integral Cosmetology, only school with 5 careers dedicated to the Beauty with
official recognition from the Office of the secretary of Public Education. 

Driving Schools

Mexican Automobile Association
Driving School with over 70 years of experience.  Based in Puebla, Mexico.
The association is founded in 1933, in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.  At first, it started its operations with the name of Association Mexico - Northamerican Automobile, due to the advice of the American Automobile Association, automobile club of the United States. 
In 1934, another group of people, in Mexico City, founded the Automobile Mexican Association.  Over the years they would establish 13 foreign clubs in the different states of the Mexican Republic, among them the touring and Automobile Club of Mexico.  At its height, it would be the most important of all.  Subsequently, in the year 1965 the Touring and the Car Club of Mexico became the Association Mexican Automobile, its name to the date. 
At present, the Association counts, inside the Federal District and Metropolitan Area, with four surcusales that are located in the colonies Of The Valley, Anzures, Satellite, Village Coapa, Populates and Toluca, as well as concessions in Cuernavaca, Morelia, Guadalajara, Monterrey, San Luis Potosí, Tampico, Aguascalientes, Acapulco and Veracruz. 
Since its start and to the date, the Association maintains relations with other national so much, related institutions like the foreigners, for the purpose of being able to offer a better service to the client. 

Tourism Schools

Escuela Superior de Tourismo Roberto Canedo Martinez
Avenida 9 Poniente 911
Centro Historico
Puebla, Puebla
222 232 5035
222 246 1443
Tourism school in the historical center of Puebla.  Offers accredited courses that will allow students to seek employment in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, cruise ships, tour buses, and more.

Math Tutoring

Kumon in Puebla

Kumon Reforma
Prolongación Reforma No.3518,
Col. Amor, Puebla, Pue.
(222) 409 3054, (044 222) 398 7598
Monday and Thursday 16:00 a 19:00 hrs.

Kumon Zona Dorada
39 Oriente # 1204-A, desp. 102
Col. Anzures Puebla, Pue.
(222) 187 1700
Tuesday and Thursday 16:00 a 19:00 hrs.

Kumon Camino Real Cholula
Av. Aztecas Sur # 6674, Local 24
Col. Morillotla, Municipio Cuatlanzingo, Pue.
(222) 284-9372, (222) 225-5018
Monday and Thursday 17:00 a 20:00
At the heart of the Kumon Method is a curriculum of more than 20 clearly defined skill levels and hundreds of short assignments spanning materials covered from preschool to college level. With each assignment, a child advances in small, manageable increments.

Students begin at a comfortable starting point – determined by a placement test. To ensure that students experience success from the beginning, the starting point is typically set lower than the child’s current level in school. This helps students get accustomed to completing the daily assignments and developing momentum to advance to more challenging work ahead.

Kumon uses a “learn-by-doing” approach. Worksheets assigned by the Instructor provide an example illustrating a concept to be learned. Then a simple exercise modeled after the example is given. Each new assignment is slightly more challenging than the last. The progression is so gradual that students are able to acquire the skills needed to advance independently.

Before a Kumon student advances from one assignment to the next, the material must be completed with a near perfect score within a suggested time. All work is graded and timed, and the results are recorded so that the Instructor can determine when a child has total command of the materials and is ready to move on to more difficult concepts.

An assignment that takes too long or is completed with too many errors demonstrates a lack of comprehension and needs to be repeated. Brief periods of daily practice help ensure optimal comprehension and retention of concepts and also helps establish the strongest possible foundation to be able to study more advanced material. Students complete the Kumon assignments everyday, with bi-weekly visit to the Kumon Center.

The Kumon Method allows a child to advance steadily at a comfortable pace determined only by the child’s ability. The Instructor creates an individualized program that is never compromised by the needs of a group. The first priority of the Kumon Instructor is to enable each and every child to perform and progress to his or her full potential.


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