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 Find top rated restaurants in Puebla, Mexico. Restaurants are rated by our editors who have visited and eaten at the restaurants. Looking for authentic Mexican food in Puebla? See which restaurants are top rated!

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Traveling through Puebla and want some authentic Mexican Poblano food?  There is no better restaurant than the Fonda de Santa Clara.  The Fonda de Santa Clara is famous for its traditional Mexican dishes.  For the not so adventerous they do offer one selection of chicken and french fries!  The portions are huge so be sure to come with a big appetite or plan on splitting a dish with a friend and saving room for dessert.  Heard of the Mole Poblano?  This is the place to try it out.  Mole is a sweet dish but is made with a lot of spices so be careful!  The carne asadas with salsa on the side is another good option for those who want to try a Mexican dish without straying too far from American type dishes.

Starbucks in Mexico?  Yes!  Puebla was home to at least four Starbucks last time I counted.  Although they don't have all the same flavors and options as they do in other countries, Mexico is catching up in coffee consumption.  Before Starbucks arrived in Puebla, the Italian Coffe Company was the place to go for a cup of java.  On hot days their Friolio.... a cold frappe of oreo cookies and coffee... is a great picker upper.... and quite addictive so be careful!  
As Puebla is the fourth largest city in the country of Mexico and home to a lot of upper middle class, there is no lack of restaurants in Puebla.  To name of few we have: Tony Romas, Chilis, Applebees, Carls Junior, McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Krispy Kreme, and Subway.  Downtown there is what some might call Restaurant Row... a street filled with high end restaurants where you will be sure to find something you like.  Puebla also has a fascination with Japanese food.  There are multitudes of Japanese restaurants but unfortunately only two or three Chinese restaurants.  As a Chinese food lover myself, that comes as a great disappointment.  The Chinese restaurants we do have are overpriced and usually don't taste anything like expected.

Puebla also has the typical street vendors... but a lot less than other cities in Mexico.  If you are traveling through Puebla, it would be wise to stick to the restaurants and fast food places.  Even some restaurants like Tacos Orientales are better left for the residents of Puebla.  Tacos Orientales is chain of taco restaurants that you will see all over Puebla.  The food is excellent and inexpensive BUT every time we take visitors to Tacos Orientales, they get sick!  Obviously we don't take visitors there anymore!

Although we don't have Ihops in Puebla, a few months ago my husband and I discovered an excellent breakfast place called the Waffleria.  Their waffles are excellent!  They have Belgian waffles that you can mix and match with different batters and toppings to create your own unique dish.  The service is excellent and the restaurant is always packed.  There is a pancake house in Puebla... called The Pancake House... and their food is okay but their service is horrible.  We went three times before deciding it was easier to just make pancakes at home as opposed to trying to get them to get our orders right!  One time they even tried to charge us for food we never ate!  For traditional Mexican breakfasts, El Almuerzo is the place to go.  The restaurant is only open till 1pm and only serve breakfasts, so be sure to get their early!  They are always filled to capacity and the food is excellent.

If you happen to be visiting Puebla in the fall, you have to try Chiles en Nogada.  Chiles in Nogada is a traditional Mexican dish that is only made one month out of the year.  If you are here during the right time, you will see signs up in all the restaurant windows saying Now Serving Chiles in Nogada.  Even Toks, Sanborns, and other similar restaurants make good Chiles en Nogada.  Is it spicy?  That depends on what kind of chile you get... and you can't ask for one that is not spicy because the chile is breaded so the waiters can't see what kind it is.  Even if you get a spicy chile and you can't eat the chile, the filling is delicious.  Of course the best place to go for Chiles en Nogada is the Fonda de Santa Clara. 

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