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 Looking for an investment opportunity or a home to retire in in Puebla, Mexico. Look no further. Puebla is one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico and is currently experiencing phenomonal growth. Many investment properties are available that will increase in value in the next few years.

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La Vista Country Club
Blvd. Atlixcayotl 4000
Esquina Periferico Ecologico
Puebla, Puebla
222 284 1803
222 284 1804
222 273 9600
For the top of the line best location in Puebla to live, La Vista Country Club is it.  La Vista Country Club of Puebla includes a PGA Golf course, club house, gym, and great security.  Lots start at 400 sqare meters for about $350 per meter.  There are also condominiums that can be purchased or rented as well as some houses for sale.  Most people that purchase in La Vista Country Club have their homes designed by a professional architect and built to suit their families needs and lifestyle.  Lots can be purchased in US dollars or in pesos and they offer a three year payment plan when paying in dollars. 

Grupo Proyecta
Grupo Projecta is a company in Puebla that designs and builds neighborhoods and high rise condominium complexes as well as shopping centers.  Their projects are all first class and their gated communities are as well developed and planned as La Vista... but without such a high price tag.  Grupo Proyecta has the following projects:

Lomas de Angelopolis
Residencial Palmas Angelopolis
Lomas de Angelopolis
Periférico Ecológico número 17002
San Andrés Cholula
Pue. México
frente al Fraccionamiento La Vista.
As Lomas de Angelopolis is located directly in front of La Vista, there is not a better location in all of Puebla.  Grupo Proyecta sells lots from 200 square meters all the way to 1000 or more square meters.  You can also of course purchase more than one lot and put them together if you need more space.  The lots are stricly residential and they are all located within the main gate and also each section has a second gate with security guard as well.  As Lomas is a new area, they are still building the sections that will one day have a mini shopping center, club house, school, office buildings, tennis courts, and even an ecological area for picnics, jogging, and barbecues.  Located only minutes from the best shopping areas in all of Puebla including the cities only mall, Lomas is an excellent location to either live or invest.  Property values have already increased in the last few years and as more houses are built and more people move in, they value keeps increasing.  There is no time period set for building after purchasing the lots so a lot of people buy lots for themselves as well as their children.  When their children are old enough, then they can either choose to build a home in Lomas, or sell the property with its highly increased value.  If you are not interested in building, there are companies that buy lots and build houses on them so you can purchase a home already built as well.  The advantages of buying a house is that it is already built and you would not have to wait the six to nine months for your house to be ready.  Most people would also qualify for a mortgage for a home, whereas there are not a lot of loans for land or building.  The disadvantage is that the cost is a little higher than building your own home and the house may or may not fit in with  your needs.  

Residencial Palmas Angelopolis
Located between the cross streets of Atlicáyotl and Blvd. del Niño Poblano right in front of the only mall in Puebla.


+52 (222) 225-22-43


+52 (222) 298-23-25


+52 (222) 298-23-26


+52 (222) 225-11-09

Residencial Palmas Angelopolis consists of two high rise towers that have two condominiums on each level.  With underground parking and a shopping center connected to the condos as well as a gym, pool, tennis courts, and even a movie theater, Palmas has it all.  If you prefer to having everything in walking distance as opposed to a backyard, Palmas is for you.  Condos all have state of the art technology and kitchen appliances and access to the condos is controlled by an elevator as well as security.  Within walking distance is the cities only Carl's Junior and Krispy Kreme Donuts.  The shopping area is two floor building that can almost be considered a mini mall.  It has an extensive food court and restaurant area that is sure to meet all your cravings.  There is also a children's play area that you can drop off your children at for a few hours while you get a tan in the tanning salon, or have coffee with friends.  There area also many specialty botiques selling kitchen gadgets, candles, clothes, and jewelry that you won't be able to find in other areas of Puebla.  Palmas may or may not be suited for the investor as it is already built and how the residents maintain the towers as well as future developments in the area may or may not benefit the value of the towers.  Palmas is located in prime real estate area however, so if you are looking for a condo in Puebla, buy now while the prices are still accessible.

Guia De Inmuebles
For a complete guide to all the new houses being built in Puebla, please see the Guide to Real Estate.  The link goes directly to the section about Puebla as the home page seems to have a problem going to the section about Puebla.  The guide is new and free and is distributed throughout Puebla in the pharmacies and shopping centers.

Other Good Resources

Bonilla Yunes

Century 21 Puebla
Vía Atlixcayotl 4308
Col. Granjas Atoyac (Angelopolis)
52+(222) 130 2121
Editor Tip... If you choose to walk in here to use their services, ask for a realtor that has a car.  We brought a friend here and came back in an hour to pick her up.  She then told us the realtor wanted to show her some houses and would it be okay if we went with them.  We said sure and then waited about ten minutes for them to come out of the building.  When they did not, I went inside to see what was taking so long.... the realtor was on the phone with other clients!  I waited another few minutes before asking if she was ready, she said she was but continued taking calls... I mentioned to the manager that we were waiting for one of her realtors and pointed out she was on the phone making us wait... she continued to make us wait another seven or so minutes.  When she finally decided to leave, we found out she did not have a car and would be going with us.  If we weren't already so irritated with her, that would have been just fine.  If anyone has had a good experience with this compnay, we will be glad to post it to balance out this negative review.

Birsa Bienes Raices
35 Poniente 904
Colonia Gabriel Pastor
Puebla, Pue., México
222 240 7443
222 266 8086
222 266 8087

31 Poniente 908
Colonia Altos
Puebla, Puebla
222 240 5050

Inmbobiliaria Linden
15 Poniente 2735
Colonia La Paz
Puebla, Pue.

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