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 Comprehensive resource guide to the city of Puebla, Mexico. Find information about travel in Mexico, reviews of hotels and restaurants in Puebla, links to local businesses and more. Explore the city through the eyes of our expert editors that live, study, and work in Puebla. Find recommendations for schools, healthcare, architects, and more from the experiences of our editors.

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  • Hotels
    Find top rated hotels in Puebla, Mexico. Hotels are rated by our editors who have visited and stayed at the hotels. Find out which hotels are the best for business and which are the best for fun family vacations. Questions about a hotel? Send us an email and we will be glad to send one of our editors by to rate the hotel!

  • Restaurants
    Find top rated restaurants in Puebla, Mexico. Restaurants are rated by our editors who have visited and eaten at the restaurants. Looking for authentic Mexican food in Puebla? See which restaurants are top rated!

  • Schools
    Find top rated schools in Puebla, Mexico. Whether you need daycare for just a few hours, or an elementary school for your child, our editors have done the research for you. Looking for a secialty school or language school to learn Spanish? Have all the information you need at you fingertips.

  • Healthcare
    Find top rated heatlthcare in Puebla, Mexico. Whether traveling through Puebla, or living here, emergencies do happen. Finding a good doctor at the last minute for your needs can be difficult. Our guide of recommended doctors is extensive and based on years of experience by our editors.

  • Top Attractions
    Find top rated attractions in Puebla, Mexico. Want to ride a roller coaster? Find souveniers for friends and family at home? Visit churches built centuries ago? Find out where all the tourists go... and then find out where the locals go for enjoying the city of Puebla, Mexico.

  • Mexican Culture and Customs
    Want to learn all about Mexican culture and customs? Find all the information you need right at your fingertips. Our expert editors have first hand knowledge of the culture and customs of Mexico.

  • Real Estate
    Looking for an investment opportunity or a home to retire in in Puebla, Mexico. Look no further. Puebla is one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico and is currently experiencing phenomonal growth. Many investment properties are available that will increase in value in the next few years.

  • Shopping
    Comprehensive guide to the best shopping centers in Puebla, Mexico. From Talavera from el Parian in downtown, to the latest fashions from the best botiques, find what you are looking for at Guide to Puebla!

  • Learn Spanish
    Comprehensive resource guide to tools to learn Spanish fast. Wether you need a quick refresher course or a more comprehensive tool for business or travel, our guide will point you to the best courses. Check our our recommendations for kids Spanish courses as well!

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Guide to Puebla
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